4 Tips to Getting Deeper Images of People



1.No PERSON is the same.

So why are we photographing them like they are? Think about it. This isn't assembly line photography, we need to snap out of our glazed over comfort zone and dig deeper to get images you love. First off, our foundation, it starts with US. We need to care about truly getting to know the people we photograph. However that translates for you. Maybe that means meeting up for coffee before the shoot, emailing back and forth some questions, a phone call to touch base before the shoot, find something that works for you and your business but do not skip this step. Believe me, connection can go a long way. It sets a foundation of trust, communication and that you care about getting them photos that reflect who they are. Establish yourself as the expert and find out who they are.

2.Interact with them during the shoot.

The easiest way to kill the vibe is silence. Think about it for a second. Have you ever been on a first date and it was struggle city trying to keep the conversation going? You probably thought to yourself "Man we have ZERO connection, it shouldn't be this hard". You were absolutely right to think that, it SHOULD NOT BE THAT HARD. Make your clients love you! After all you have a killer personality, so just be yourself! Don't overthink it! Ask them questions about theirselves, share your own stories. Laugh with them, enjoy getting to know them. Half the battle when photographing people is getting them comfortable enough to show their true selves to you. You cannot just EXPECT that from people. You need to earn that trust.



3.Allow space for creativity

Planning out your shoot is all well and good but it will only take you so far. Have you ever been on a day trip or vacation where you planned out every bit of your trip and left no room for discovery? Your photoshoots are the same. Take pauses, take in the vibe of the family or couple, look how the light falls in certain areas, look for framing elements, watch how they interact with each other when you aren't directing. Sometimes those quiet unprompted moments can be so beautiful in their simplicity. Experiment at your shoot, push yourself and work that creative muscle.


We've all done this. You leave a shoot, get in your car feeling discouraged that you didn't push yourself harder. Do you fall back on familiar set ups and stay in your comfort zone because you think thats what your clients want? This is me shaking you saying "STOP STIFLING YOUR CREATIVITY!" What you bring to the table is important, your voice is aching to be heard and there is nothing worse than keeping something in. You should be oozing out of every pore of your work. Ask your families or couples to do things that may seem silly or out of your comfort zone, they are not going to say no. They trust you and they want images that are unique to them and your artistic vision.


Hi! Thats me! I am Chloe :)

Hi! Thats me! I am Chloe :)




Want to learn more about how I get Emotive images from every session I photograph? My online family photography workshop: A Love Like Ours-Emotive Family Photography starts February 19th! We cover in depth your artistic voice, getting to know your clients, at the shoot prompts and techniques, lighting and composition for emotive images and editing and curating a final gallery. I am an open book kind of teacher and do not believe in withholding information.

Here are some reviews from last run:

I loved this class. Chloe is an excellent teacher, and shared her passion for emotive photography, as well as a wealth of information. Her PDF’s were thought provoking and challenging, her critiques were thorough, honest, and encouraging. I learned to slow down when I’m shooting, connect with my clients on a more meaningful basis, and gained so much knowledge on culling and batch editing a gallery. Most importantly, Chloe gave me the encouragement to be me in my photography, and trust my own artistic voice. She’s the kind of person you just want to sit down and have coffee with, and makes you feel completely at home. This class is so good. Dive in!
— Wendy Bickis
What a breath of fresh air! This course is a game changer, and will challenge you wherever you are on your photography journey. Chloe’s course material is soooo good, and her approach and insight to your work is very personal and rewarding. Through this, I’ve been able to understand my ‘voice’ as an artist, be more intentional with my shooting, delve deeper into the personalites of my families and maximise on light to create a more emotive and diverse gallery. So inspirational!
— -Chui King Li