I have been soaking up every minute of my maternity leave. Spending time with my first born, Ella. We have had lazy mornings, dancing competitions, long morning walks, snuggles, and a whole lot of dress up. I told Ella early on in my pregnancy that Lola would come when it was winter outside. This morning, as I was loading her up in the car to take her to preschool, there was fog surrounding the nearby trees and thick frost sticking to the grass. Ella exclaimed " MOMMY!!! It's winter outside!!! Is my baby sister coming?!"  I smiled. I am enjoying these last few weeks of my pregnancy. Time is slowing down, life is slowing down. I made dinner last night instead of editing photos. I watched a show with my husband last night on the couch. I woke up early and read a chapter of a book while drinking my morning coffee. Life will never be this slow again and I am basking in all of its simplicity.