My Sunshine.

It's the night before my daughters 4th Birthday and I can't help but think... when did this happen? It was only yesterday that I gave birth to you and held your tiny body in my arms. You were so small and fragile, I remember feeling terrified and so amazed at your beauty. Our eyes met and I knew you had my heart. I was yours. Forever.

Today was a rough day. You were hyper and defiant and so very spirited. I kept thinking in my head "Why is this so hard?". Some days are a whirlwind of errands, preschool, my work, new baby, making dinner and bedtime routines that I forget to even soak in this time. Although there are tantrums and craziness there is also laughter and a childs innocence. There is beauty in the everyday simplicity of who she is at this age. FOUR. My 7 pound 11 ounce baby is now FOUR.

I vow to soak it all in. Every smile, tantrum, hug, and tear. You are mine and I am yours forever.

You Ella, are the best, my sunshine.


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