Stephanie & Tre - Tacoma Photographer

Stephanie and Tre are my newest brand reps this year! They were a blast to photograph and totally open to the process. They are such happy people and you can see that shining through in their session. Looking forward to getting to spend more time this year with these two!

Chloe Photography Brand Representatives: Stephanie and Tre


How did you both meet?
Tre: A mutual friend of ours introduced us in the lunch room in high school, on October 14th, 2009. We met but didn't start talking until several days later on Myspace. And then it went to texting :)

Stephanie: Tre and I both met through his wrestling guy friends. His friends would not stop talking about him with me, "he's a nerd. But a cute nerd. He's probably sitting in a hallway corner reading a book right now." Haha! I was just freshmen in high school and he was a sophomore. One morning, his friend Deshar had brought Tre to my lunch table to introduce us to one another. I was blushing so hard, I hid my face in my hands. And he had just finished eating lunch, so he was still munching on food! But after that day, when MySpace was still "the thang", we became friends on there and talked our way through our first date :)


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What is your hobbies?
Tre: I like to play video games and go to the gym; two things i do every summer. I enjoy hiking and being with friends and family. Stephanie loves to work out and cheer. I can't part her from her social netowrking apps on her iPhone. Together we enjoy hiking, watching movies, going to church & doing bible study.
Stephanie: My hobbies. I LOVE hiking! I actually got really into it because of Tre. So now we just hike a lot together. I also do love cheer. I have been doing it since 7th grade and I am now a semi-pro cheerleader! I had just recently started a blog about pretty much my life. I like to blog about huge milestones AND my #ootd's. I like to think of myself as a fashionista! Haha.

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Favorite movie?
Tre: Our "movie" is Tangled :)
Stephanie: Frozen is my FAVE movie.

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Morning or night person?

Tre: Stephanie is definitely a morning person, whereas I am more of a night person. It's like this when we're both in school, at least.
Stephanie: I have grown to become a morning person now, because of my 7:30am class! Hahaha. I like to get things finished FAST in the morning time.


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What is your ideal Saturday together?
Tre: Going on a hike together in the afternoon and coming back home to watch movies and eat. We might try and go to a Saturday church service as well.
Stephanie: An ideal Saturday together: we are staying inside the house, planning to do our DEVOS together, play games, watch a movie maybe, take a couple naps. Tre and I have grown to like staying in a lot more than going out now! Lol.


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Whats your favorite season? 
Tre: My favorite season is Spring, because in Spokane we have long harsh winters. It feels great to go back to t-shirts.
Stephanie: My favorite season is Summer because honestly, that's when Tre is back home for three months from college!

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What are you studying in collage?
Tre: My current major is Computer Engineering.
Stephanie: In college, I'm studying to major in nursing right now. I am about to take my CNA classes and then after that, my LPN. But I am not set in stone with what kind of nurse I want to be just yet! :)

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Dogs or cats?
Tre: I love dogs! But if the cat is attached to its owner then i wouldn't mind having one as a second pet.


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What careers do you want to pursue?

Tre: Right now I wouldn't mind becoming something like a software engineer. But I'm not completely sure yet. I will be working with computers though :)

Stephanie: Ever since I have become baptized as a Christian a few years ago, I have dreamed so hard to become a children's minister. I want to travel the world and help the little kids understand that Gods love is unfailing and endless for them.

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Thank you Stephanie and Tre!