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Kristal - A Maternity Session

Bre - a mothers story

Children and mothers never truly part -Bound in the beating of each other's heart. -Charlotte Gray

Mothers day is coming up! To celebrate I am hosting a Mommy and Me mini event on Saturday May 3rd at my studio in downtown Tacoma! Moms do so much throughout the year, let's pause and celebrate the bond we have with our children! Here is the details:

When: Saturday May 3rd, 2014

Where: My studio downtown

Details: 30 min sessions (that is actually a great timeframe for kids attention spans! The session below was only 40 minutes!) 

What does it include: You choose 10 of your favorite images and recieve the full resolution images for those 10. Can't choose? You can upgrate your entire gallery for $100!

How much: $200! What did you say?!! $200, yep thats right.

Limited time slots available. $50 reserves your spot


2014-04-15_0002.jpg 2014-04-15_0001.jpg 2014-04-15_0003.jpg 2014-04-15_0004.jpg 2014-04-15_0005.jpg 2014-04-15_0006.jpg 2014-04-15_0008.jpg 2014-04-15_0007.jpg 2014-04-15_0009.jpg 2014-04-15_0010.jpg 2014-04-15_0011.jpg 2014-04-15_0012.jpg 2014-04-15_0013.jpg 2014-04-15_0014.jpg 2014-04-15_0015.jpg 2014-04-15_0017.jpg 2014-04-15_0016.jpg 2014-04-15_0018.jpg 2014-04-15_0019.jpg 2014-04-15_0020.jpg 2014-04-15_0021.jpg 2014-04-15_0022.jpg 2014-04-15_0023.jpg 2014-04-15_0024.jpg 2014-04-15_0025.jpg 2014-04-15_0026.jpg 2014-04-15_0027.jpg 2014-04-15_0028.jpg

2014-04-15_0030.jpg 2014-04-15_0031.jpg 2014-04-15_0032.jpg 2014-04-15_0033.jpg 2014-04-15_0034.jpg 2014-04-15_0035.jpg 2014-04-15_0036.jpg 2014-04-15_0037.jpg

New Studio - Tacoma Childrens Photographer

Next month I am opening a natural light studio in downtown Tacoma. I have always wanted a space where I could photograph people in a beautiful light filled space. With our beautiful but cold, damp pacific northwest weather it does limit the time I get to photograph to a few seasons. I am so excited to be offering studio sessions this year! Because I love what I do and I love photographing YOU, I want everyone to get a chance to come do a session in the new studio! So for the month of April and May I will be offering mini studio sessions Mon-Fri. $300 and it includes a 45 min session and the high resolution edited images from your session!

And because every post needs some photos here is a mini session I did of my 5 year old Ella :)

Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1938.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1939.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1940.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1941.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1942.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1943.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1944.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1945.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1946.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1947.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1948.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1949.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1950.jpg Chloe Tacoma Wedding Photographer_1951.jpg

Andres + Sarah Married - Tacoma Wedding Photographer

I have taken some time off from blogging as my family and I moved into a new home. Now that we are starting to get settled, I am happy to start catching up on some blogging. What better way to start off by showing you guys this wedding! I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Andres Wedding at the beautiful Thornwood castle in Lakewood Washington. The day was so magical and I have been so excited to share this one with you all. Enjoy!