Bre's Birth - Seattle Birth Photographer

Just 7 months ago, I was going through the same motions. As every contraction hit Bre I felt myself being brought back to when I was is labor with Lola. Bre was on the other side then, photographing me. Coming full circle was powerful for me. Natural unmedicated childbirth is an experience that is life changing. The power and strength that you have no idea you even possess is amazing. The love and support of your birth team, the hands on you, listening to your needs, waiting, trying to make sure your heart doesn't jump out of you. I knew I was going to get emotional. When she got in the tub I was tearing up. She was getting close, I could tell. She said at one point "Why am I doing this?!". I started to choke up. She had been laboring so long and hard, I just wanted it to be over for her. I knew that feeling and it feels like the end is never in sight. Then when she moved back in the room, Sloane was born and the pain was gone. Just like that. What a beautiful reward to pull your baby out after laboring all day. To hear the shrill cry of your newborn baby as they lay skin to skin on your chest. To see you husband crying and your family and friends smiling and happy.

What a day. A day I was privileged enough to get to witness.  Bre is a rockstar in my book.

Patti Ramos was Bre's doula along with her apprentice Katie Pumphrey. They both did such a lovely job.