Bonnie Hussey Headshots

This last week I did headshots for my friend Bonnie! She is a talented photographer and has shot photos for my family the past year too! When she asked me to photograph some headshots for her I jumped at the chance. There is nothing better then photographing another creative. We both dislike awkwardly posed traditional shots so we had fun with this session! Check out her work HERE. 2014-09-20_0033.jpg 2014-09-20_0018.jpg 2014-09-20_0016.jpg 2014-09-20_0017.jpg 2014-09-20_0005.jpg 2014-09-20_0007.jpg 2014-09-20_0006.jpg 2014-09-20_0008.jpg 2014-09-20_0009.jpg 2014-09-20_0010.jpg 2014-09-20_0012.jpg 2014-09-20_0013.jpg 2014-09-20_0014.jpg 2014-09-20_0015.jpg 2014-09-20_0019.jpg 2014-09-20_0020.jpg 2014-09-20_0021.jpg 2014-09-20_0022.jpg 2014-09-20_0023.jpg 2014-09-20_0024.jpg 2014-09-20_0025.jpg 2014-09-20_0026.jpg 2014-09-20_0027.jpg 2014-09-20_0028.jpg 2014-09-20_0029.jpg 2014-09-20_0030.jpg 2014-09-20_0031.jpg 2014-09-20_0032.jpg 2014-09-20_0034.jpg 2014-09-20_0035.jpg 2014-09-20_0038.jpg 2014-09-20_0036.jpg 2014-09-20_0037.jpg 2014-09-20_0039.jpg 2014-09-20_0040.jpg 2014-09-20_0041.jpg 2014-09-20_0042.jpg 2014-09-20_0043.jpg