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We took our girls on our first family camping trip this summer! The kids were filthy dirty, there was tantrums, singing around the campfire, scary stories, night wake ups, cooking food over the fire, hiking, meltdowns, laughter and snuggles around the fire. Taking kids on trips isn't always easy but leaving them behind and not having these memories would be the real shame. I love my people.

A New Chapter - A Personal Blog Post

I have been contemplating writing this for awhile and unsure with how to begin. Over the past almost 8 years my family and I have made Washington our home. I got married here, had three beautiful children and started my own business. I have photographed Weddings, homecomings, graduations, births, families, engagements and Parties. I have documented the shrill cry of a newborn baby after he takes his first breath. I have held back tears during father of the bride toasts. Felt my body warm up in the cold fall air as I witnessed the love a family has for one another. For almost 6 years in business for myself I have been there documenting your love. It fills me up, this job, it fills me up. Next year, my family and I are making a huge life change. We will be parting ways with the military and moving home to California. Home... What a strange word that is. People always ask us since we're in the military "where's home for you?" I've always, without a doubt, said California. I was born and raised there so obviously that's home. What these past 8 years has taught me is home is where your people are. My husband and I created our own family and our home is always with each other, the 5 of us. Now I've LIVED in California and I've LIVED in Washington and both places are beautiful but they, my family, they are my home.

To leave Washington was not an easy decision. We actually went back and forth quite a bit and even bought a home here. The conclusion we came to is this, if home is where you make it, than we want to settle where our families are. Over the past 6 years in business I have had the privilege of photographing families. I always leave my sessions and weddings feeling so full and happy. Watching families big and small supporting and loving on each other. It's what life is all about. Our families just happen to reside in California.

What I want for my family is what all of you have shown me in the 6 years I have been in business. I want lifelong friends for my girls. I want to sit at their weddings and listen to my daughters friends give speeches about how they’ve been friends for a lifetime. I want a house where my kids remember growing up in. I want grandparents, aunts and uncles at my daughters birthday parties. I want BBQ’s in our backyard with my husband and I’s friends who we have know for a lifetime. What I want for my family cannot be bought. What I want for my family is exactly what I have been photographing in all of you. YOU have shown me what is important and what I have been longing for.

We don't have an exact timeline for our move yet, we have many things to do to prepare for such a major life change. It's because of this as of January 1st, 2016, I will be taking on a very limited amount of sessions. If you would like photo’s before we move next year please email me at:

Washington, you’ve been so good to us. This is where we got married and had our three girls. Washington will always make me feel warm inside.

XOXO, Chloe

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