Click Away 2018 - Instructor Recap - Chloe Ramirez

It's been a month since I took a flight from California to Amelia Island Florida for the 2018 Click Away Conference. I have taught at 2 Click Away's and I have been to 3 but this BY FAR was my favorite. AND I will list out WHY (who doesn't love a good list):

  1. It was at a RESORT. Talk about a vacation! I literally woke up to ocean views, coffee in hand and ultimate vacation vibes... at a conference. It was too good.
  2. Click Away is extremely inclusive. A lot of times people come to conferences and do not know a soul. Among the massive amounts of people, I witnessed people asking people that were sitting alone if they wanted to eat lunch together. I mean what?! It was like living in my dream world where everyone is included, gets along and talks about photography. Too specific? Hey its my dream world!
  3. The Click Away staff was on point! If I ever needed anything, lost my classroom, got locked out of my classroom (yep I did that) they were a text away ready to help. 
  4. The Opening Party was on FIRE! Click Away knows how to throw a party for a bunch of photography geeks. There was a live band, The Voice Competition winners displayed for viewing, a bar and photo backdrop installations for all the photos with your new besties.
  5. The People Were Ready to Learn! Saving the best for last here obviously! I taught 4 classes this year and every.single.person in my classes were amazing. I might be being biased here but everyone was open to learning, asked questions, and was respectful and kind. A literal dream.

Below is my photo recap of my time at Click Away! Special thanks to Bonnie Hussey, Kate Testerman and Kris Kelley for taking behind the scenes during my classes <3