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Kristal - A Maternity Session

Chelsea - Seattle Maternity Photographer

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Karyssa & Willow

Over the next month I will be introducing you to my brand reps this year. Each family/couple is so different and bring something unique to the table! This is a new project that I started this year and I am excited to start on this journey with each family! So on the blog today we are getting to know Karyssa and her sweet daughter Willow! They came to my natural light studio last week for a Mommy and me Session!

Chloe Photography Brand Representatives: Karyssa and Willow


How did you meet your husband?

I wish I had a amazing story. But ours is a simple one. I had a friend who thought "the guy who worked at Hollywood video" was cute. So we would literally go in daily. Eventually she lost interested and I gained it. So after weeks of going in daily he finally asked me out and I guess the rest is history.

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How would you describe your parenting style?

We practice attachment parenting for sure. Baby wearing, cosleeping, breastfeeding are all passions of mine. I try to be really laid back and let her explore and learn. Which includes lots of baths, because dirt.

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Are you a morning or night person?

Neither. I'm more of a day person, is that a thing?

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What is your ideal Saturday with you're family?

Portland! We love Portland and try to go at least once a month. I just love the vibe. Id love to spend all my Saturdays there.

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Summer or Winter?

Summer. (But I mean autumn is my number one)

Dogs or cats?


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What is your bedtime ritual with Willow?

Lotion, pajamas and then we read. All the books. No really she will sit and listen to as many books as we will read, we usually cap it at five. Then snuggles to sleep.

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If you could tell yourself something before you were a mom, what would it be?

That is goes so fast and to soak in every minute. Everyone I met told me that when I was pregnant, but I don't think you can actually comprehend how fasts it actually goes by until you are living it. Willow is one. How?!


Would you rather never do laundry again or never watch TV again?

Hands down never watch tv again.

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What do you miss most about the newborn stage now that Willow is 1 years old?

All of it...Most? Probably babywearing a tiny newborn was one of the sweetest things. Having a little squish cuddled up on my chest all hours of the day. Just gazing at that bald head and sniffing up the new baby smells. Oh man, I'll take another please!

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What does a typical morning in the Veach house look like?

Jeremy works Monday-Saturday. So I lay in bed with Willow until she wakes. Until at least 8, I will not step foot out of bed until 8. Once Willow is up I ask her if she wants to go get the dogs which she immediate replies with smiles, clapping and yelling "dog dog dog!" I then make us breakfast and I dream about the days I'll drink coffee again. By that time Willow is covered in whatever meal we just had so we jump in the bath or shower. After I try to get ready while she runs around eating my make up brushes and pulling hair from the comb. Then we are ready for our day!

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Thanks Karyssa and Willow! Keep an eye out this week to meet more of the Chloe Photography Reps!


Andrew - A Newborn Story

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