tacoma birth photographer

Finley - A Tacoma Birth Story

I was sitting at a local photographers meet up when Stephanie called me. "hello?"

"Hey Chloe it's Stephanie... I am pretty sure my water just broke."

I grabbed my stuff and flew out of there. Stephanie told me she had a history of having very fast labors. I was not going to miss it for anything.

When I arrived at the hospital I parked across the street in a parking garage at Tacoma General. The front entrance to the hospital was closed for the evening so I ran around to the other side and tried another door. Locked. Tried another. Locked. I ended up in another parking garage attached to the hospital. At this point I was starting to feel a little anxious that I might be cutting it close, I turned and saw a nurse walking to her car. She explained how to get inside and I was on my way.

I opened the door to room 232 and found Stephanie in good spirits. She said "Nothing yet!" I breathed a sigh of relief. What we didn't realize then was Miss Finley had a timeline of her own, and it wasn't what anyone could have expected.

Welcome to the world sweet Finley Mae. I hope you always keep the world on their toes.


What an amazing gift it is to witness life.

I meet incredible people. They let me in, they are real and honest and do not hold back. They do not hesitate. These are the people I love to photograph.