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"All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love."

-Leo Tolstoy



There is nothing more important in this world than family. They make us laugh until our cheeks hurt. They're that sweaty toddler laying on your chest with a fever kind of love. It's intense, fierce and there is so much magic in each family. I treat each person as a new unique story waiting to be told. What is your story? Lets Chat!


My Online course: A Love Like Ours- Emotive Family Photography starts February 19th! We will be going over: getting to know your families pre session, expectations, posing, direction, shooting to create mood, editing a cohesive gallery and more. Come join me in my class and let's start photographing with feeling. Registration Open Now!


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Hi! I am Chloe and I photograph the feeling.


Are you looking for a photographer to take a photo of your family where everyone looks perfectly perfect and smiling at the camera? I am not your girl. 100% not. I can tell you this though, what I want to give you is so much more than that. I believe in photographing the feeling. I am a huge people person and believe getting to know someone, really getting to know someone, helps me to photograph them. I want to connect with you and find out what makes your heart soar. Are you a homebody? Lets photograph you guys at home snuggling on your bed and having tickle wars! Are you the adventurous type? Lets go explore somewhere new and photograph the adventure along the way! I want to photograph who you are. No Pinterest inspired sessions here because every bit of your session is 100% you. What makes your heart sing?



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